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Classi car for hire weddings

Vintage cars are alluring. They represent beauty in simplicity, craftsmanship, and preserved memories. Having a vintage car hire on your wedding day will definitely enhance the beauty in you that photographers would love taking pictures of you in a shiny classic car while wearing the exquisite wedding dress which complements your true beauty, genuine personality, and unique style.

This inspiring and attention-grabbing scenery while having a legendary vintage car hire as a background will make your wedding day extra unique and elegant. We understand you are excited about this special highlight of your life and for sure there are so many thoughts in your mind putting together.

From your dream venue to the sumptuous menu and the perfect playlist on the dance floor, while you are holding the hands of the love of your life, you would imagine riding a classic car hire that would bring a little extra to the happiness you are feeling in that moment.

Choose the Best Vintage Car for Your Wedding

While capturing every second on your special occasions, give your mind plenty of thoughts to consider on your special day in choosing your best vintage car:

  • Define your Style – Make sure that you know what do you want and what you need to feel on your special day. Are you considering classic style, rustic, vintage, or modern?
  • Look for a Significant Model – If you want to hire a vintage car, try to find the one that has a special meaning to you. Perhaps you could consider hiring a similar car from your parents during their wedding, your grandfathers’ favorite model, or the model that was built where you were born.
  • Choose fast and Reliable – Safety is really important, especially now that we are experiencing a COVID-19 pandemic. But for sure, you don’t want this pandemic to hinder you in celebrating the most important part of your life. However, you must choose a car that is fully sanitized, clean, and safe.

A complete package vintage car with a team of professionals which will bring you quickly and conveniently to anywhere you go and will provide a business class car service and will treat you and your family as a very important passenger around the city of Nyack, Rockland and Bergen Countries. A drop-off and pick up service, from your house to your chosen church down to the reception venue, which will bring you safely and comfortably.

Plan some interesting scenes and things with your unique vintage car and take full advantage of its beauty. A vintage car is beautiful and full of character. Just imagine how thrilled your guests will be to get the opportunity to take pictures of you as a newly wedded couple with your classic car. For sure your guests, family, and friends will be delighted and will enjoy your unique day. The vintage car could transform your wedding day into a fairy tale with a happy ending.

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