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We understand that there are many options for getting around Nyack, Rockland and Bergen counties, or to and from the major airports, but during this time of COVID-19 your best, safest, option is to hire private transportation.

Risks in taking public transportation

Although public transportation is available, you put yourself at much greater risk when choosing to ride the bus or the train. On these modes of mass transit, you give up control of your environment and not knowing who (or what) is around you. Not a good feeling at all.

When you select a private car or taxi to get to and from the airport, or to your business meeting, or a party bus for your group, you are assured that you and the driver (or any fellow passengers that you choose) are the only people in the vehicle. This limits your exposure to large amounts of people that you do not know.

Safety and sanitation

Cleanliness standards are also much higher when you hire a taxi versus the train or the bus. Although sanitation efforts have increased on mass transportation, it is nearly impossible to wipe down every surface after each passenger exits.  Crowd capacity is also an issue, making it impossible to keep a safe distance from your fellow passengers.

In a private car, we control the environment. We can maintain very strict sanitation between passengers, are able to properly disinfect all surfaces, and can monitor mask protocols when required. We also make sure our drivers are top-rated and professional, putting your mind at ease.

The luxury of hiring a private car is unsurpassed and you can’t put a price on your peace of mind. Taking a taxi is the smartest way to stay safe when you need to travel for business or pleasure.

An array of transportation services to choose from

Whether you need an airport transfer, VIP car service, drop off and pick up service or transportation for an out of town trip, taking a taxi or hiring a private car is highly preferred, and we make it very easy!

No trying to figure out the bus or train schedule, just download the Taxicaller App, put in our company ID:AACLASSIC, and get an estimate or book your trip!  It is that easy! No waiting around with groups of strangers for the train, no delays no schedule changes.

Don’t put yourself or your traveling companions at risk by taking public transportation during these challenging times.

Instead, opt for a private car or taxi and stay safe and healthy during your travels.

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